Elixir de Spa Oyster Shot

Elixir de Spa Oyster Shot The salty taste of the oyster works perfectly with the spiciness of Elixir de Spa. The lime is fresh and sour. This combination makes for a very complex palate sensation!INGREDIENTS 3 cl Elixir de Spa 1 oyster ½ slice of lime PREPARATION Open up the oyster, cut loose the oyster meat [...]

Elixir de Spa Forest

Elixir de Spa Forest The thyme and the spicy ginger give the Elixir de Spa that extra herbal boost. It also works perfectly with the sweet and sour wild berries.INGREDIENTS 5 cl Elixir de Spa 5 fresh cranberries 4 fresh blackberries 2 sprigs of thyme 1 slice of ginger (grated) PREPARATION Bruise the fresh cranberries, [...]

Cavaillon Elixir de Spa

Cavaillon Elixir de Spa The spicy combination of the Elixir de Spa and the ginger ale add sparkle to the sweet and sour flavours of the melon and the lime.INGREDIENTS 1 cavaillon melon 4 cl Elixir de Spa 4 cl ginger ale 3 cl lime juice sprigs of fresh mint PREPARATION Cut a circle from [...]